Heard About the WAY2VAT App?

Know about our WAY2VAT app? Featuring a comprehensive, accurate way to manage your travel expenses and foreign VAT reclaims, the app is just another way we empower our users to work smarter, more intuitively, and more effectively to help turn VAT expenses into revenue. 
With the WAY2VAT app, you get:


  • Full availability on both Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Way2VAT) and iOS (https://appsto.re/il/Youjib.i).
  • Automatic Invoice Analyzer (AIA) capabilities – extracting invoice data from scanned invoices.
  • The most advanced technology on the market – providing us with a major competitive advantage vs. other expense management solutions, and supported by the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) with 32 claims. 


Our app is designed with you in mind, giving you the power to track and manage your travel expenses and invoices on the go, anytime and anywhere.