WAY2VAT Brings Mobileye an End-to-End VAT Solution

Sometimes, the best solution is the one you don’t even know you need. That was the case for Mobileye, who is currently using WAY2VAT’s full end-to-end VAT solution, after previously having no existing system to reclaim or request VAT.

Mobileye is a dynamic and growing company of over 1,000 employees, and was recently purchased by Intel for an Israeli-record $15 billion.

The company has huge untapped potential for VAT reclaim, and WAY2VAT has been able to offer them a highly sophisticated, cloud-based platform for their travel expense and foreign VAT reclaims. WAY2VAT’s solution provides a comprehensive solution for Mobileye, with hassle-free reimbursement for their business travelers…helping both their financial department and employees save valuable time and money for all their travel expense management needs.