VAT Recovery – Lithuania

The Lithuanian Tourism Ministry recently announced that it aims to become the leader of business tourism of the Baltic region, and has invested in infrastructure accordingly.

Easily accessible by land, sea and air, the country boasts hundreds of modern conference rooms and historically authentic halls in hotels, seaside and golf resorts or designated areas with fantastic views.  Lithuania excels in non-traditional spaces for events and conferences, such as manor houses, castles, museums, and rural homesteads.  For the more conservatively inclined, the LITEXPO Exhibition Centre holds more than 20 international exhibitions, 500 conferences, seminars and other various events each year. It is attended by about 3,000 firms from many countries around the world, and exhibitions and events are visited by over 400,000 visitors.

In addition, Lithuania is a country with some of the fastest internet in the world, with an extensive developed network. There are many Free Web areas across the country, so business travelers will find it easy to work from cafes and access information even while walking on main streets.

The official language, Lithuanian, along with Latvian, is one of only two living languages in the Baltic branch of the Indo-European language family.

Lithuania has open and mixed economy that is classified as high-income economy by the World Bank. According to data from 2016, the three largest sectors in Lithuanian economy are – services (68.3% of GDP), industry (28.5%) and agriculture (3.3%).

On 1 January 2015, euro became the national currency replacing litas.

The VAT rates in Lithuania are as follows:
Standard Rate 21%
Reduced Rates 9% and 5%

It is not necessary to appoint a Lithuanian fiscal representative to claim a VAT refund based on Directive 2008/09/. EC or the 13th Directive.

Lithuanian VAT expenses that can be reclaimed are as follows: Telephone, Internet, Fuel, Parking, Conferences, DDP, Laundry, Groceries, Buses, Trains, Restaurants, and Hotels &Apartments.

Here are some handy phrases to remember whenever making a business related purchase. When in doubt, ask:

Please give me:

  • An original VAT invoice
  • With my company name and address
  • VAT rate and value shown


  • Originali PVM sąskaita faktūra
  • su mano įmonės pavadinimu ir adresu
  • Parodyta PVM norma ir vertė

Only EU countries, Armenia, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey can recover VAT in Lithuania.  To get a more in depth look into VAT minimums and timeline, as well as more details that will empower you to improve your company’s bottom line in Lithuania and other countries, please download our ebook series.

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