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Amos Simantov

Founder & CEO

Amos has spent over 20 years as a top executive, including as CEO, president, and VP sales for major global high-tech enterprises, including SintecMedia, Rit Technologies, Lognet Systems, and ADI. He specialises in SaaS platforms, FinTech, broadcast media, IT, and telecom. Amos has a proven track record in leading companies to economic success, including several exits and successful M&As.

Smadar Noy


Smadar has served as CFO for various startups and global enterprises, most recently at the Mistral Group. Throughout her 25-year career, Smadar has worked in the securities, aerospace, telecom and defense industries and has extensive international financial services knowledge and broad global experience. Smadar has a Bachelor of Economics and Accounting and an Executive MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Alex Alegret

DevoluIVA's CEO

Alex oversees DevoluIVA’s overall strategy and growth, enabling our customers to automatically recover VAT. He has extensive managerial experience in the FMCG industry, and has served as a consultant in the past, advising both large and small businesses on restructuring and strategy. Alex brings a market-oriented approach, focusing on improving profitability while improving the commercial process. He holds a PhD in Distribution and a Postgrade from IESE business school.

Amir Peretz

VP Product

Amir has spent nearly a decade  in product leadership roles, shaping and executing product strategy for TravelTech and FinTech companies, working with products from early stage development through high-scaled production. Amir has a Bachelor of Information-Technology from Monash University in Melbourne Australia.

David Bermudez


David has spent over 25 years working in R&D and IT in the mass media, energy, life sciences and fintech industries for startups and established global companies. He has experience leading interdisciplinary teams, and managed multiple projects. David is a computer science engineer with a degree in Business Administration. 

Elena Sorescu

Managing Director, Romania

Elena brings solid managerial experience to her role at WAY2VAT. She spent 10 years in various leadership positions at Operative LTD., during which time she contributed to project implementation, team development and business development, and serving large and complex global clients in the broadcasting industry. As Managing Director of the Romania office, Elena is responsible for the local branch of the company.

Adoram Gaash


Adoram has a solid track record as a VC and startup CEO. Prior to founding Moneta Seeds, he founded StageOne VC [2001], which invested in 20 startups and resulted in six exits. Later in his career, Adoram lived in Silicon Valley and as a Managing Director with GrowthPoint Technology Partners. He helped startups explore their exit strategy with several global companies – including Radwiz, Magnfire, Octalica, Trivnet, and Crescendo. Adoram graduated with honours from the Israeli Institute of Technology (Technion) with a BScEE in Computer Engineering. He has an MBA from Tel Aviv University,

Board of Directors

Amos Simantov

Founder and Managing Director

Adoram Ga’ash

Non-executive Chairman

David Haim Assia

Non-executive Director

Ayelet Nahmias Verbin

Non-executive Director

Robert Edgley

Non-executive Director

David Buckingham

Non-executive Director

Company Credo

Our shareholders provide the platform from which we work. Every day, we work to generate profits and grow revenue while experimenting with new ideas and technologies that can carry our company into the future.

We begin work each day prepared to help our customers succeed. Each employee within our organisation is empowered to serve our customers, enabling them to get the most out of their relationship with us.

Our employees are our most important asset. Located across the world, we are fully committed to providing them with equitable opportunities in a diverse workforce. We strive to ensure their well-being, safety, and security. We pledge to recognise achievements and reward hard work. Our employees are encouraged to look for ways we can improve operations and find new ways to achieve our mission.


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