The Company was established with the aim of enabling clients to avoid dealing with cumbersome foreign VAT and GST processes and submissions in numerous territories… and multiple languages without dealing with invoices and expense-related data.

By seamlessly converting these images into accurate data, Way2Vat streamlines the completion of VAT and GST reclaim forms for submission to the respective tax authorities, all with minimal human intervention. This advanced technology has established Way2Vat’s position as a leader in the Tax-Tech ecosystem, offering a truly unique value proposition.
Our solution is continuously evolving and improving through the implementation of learning loop practices, leveraging insights gained from processing millions of expenses.
As a result, our clients benefit from a solution that stays at the forefront of the industry, delivering unparalleled results.
Our solution is specifically designed to the VAT-focused needs of our clients, ensuring maximum reclaim optimization. It covers all types of expenses, regardless of size or geographic location. Maximizing the potential fulfillment of VAT returns contributes directly to the top-line revenue. Moreover, the solution drives operational efficiency and enhances overall quality, positively impacting the company’s bottom-line.

Way2Vat’s commitment to cutting-edge technology, comprehensive coverage, and exceptional results sets us apart as the preferred choice for businesses seeking to streamline their VAT and GST reclaim processes. Join us today and experience the transformative power of our advanced solution.

Key Features

Data Science Excellence

Data Science Excellence Way2Vat employs state-of-the-art data science methodologies to unlock valuable insights from vast amounts of financial data. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms, our solutions ensure accurate analysis and enable data-driven decision-making.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection Our AI-driven anomaly detection algorithms swiftly identify irregularities and deviations within financial datasets, enabling early detection of fraudulent activities and enhancing risk management strategies.

VAT Optimization Module

VAT Optimization Module Our innovative VAT optimization module empowers businesses to maximize VAT reclaims by automating the identification and recovery of eligible VAT expenses. By leveraging intelligent algorithms, Way2Vat streamlines the VAT reclaim process and helps businesses unlock substantial cost savings.

Duplicate Detection

With Way2Vat’s advanced duplicate detection algorithms, organizations can efficiently identify and eliminate duplicate transactions, reducing errors and ensuring data accuracy.

Expense Type Detection And Vendor Detection

Our AI-powered expense type and vendor detection capabilities automate the categorization and identification of different expense types and vendors, streamlining financial processes and improving efficiency.

Language Detection

Language Detection: Way2Vat language detection capabilities provide a seamless multilingual experience, enabling effective communication and comprehension across diverse language barriers.

Analyzing Invoices For Claimability Detection

image image
Example Given: Image-To-Line Data Matching
Use case of data-matching that previously required human time and precision was replaced by a much faster AI technology and with the highest level of accuracy.

As a service provider for high-verity clients, Way2Vat is extremely flexible in receiving and processing even the most complicated formats. It is common that expense data will be received in the form of an exported text file with expenses data, along with a set of expense images that are missing any record linkage with the data file.

Correlating the Image-Line pairs involved in the past tidies manual work to enable further processing. By introducing a data-matching model, this operation can now be more efficiently and accurately performed automatically with uncompromising results.

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Main Features

Computer Vision

Leveraging cutting-edge computer vision techniques, Way2Vat empowers businesses with automated image and video analysis, unlocking valuable insights from visual data.

Deep Learning and Neuronal Visual-Linguistic Mechanism

Way2Vat utilizes deep learning algorithms and a unique neuronal visual-linguistic mechanism to enable advanced image and text understanding, enabling a new level of comprehension and context-aware decision-making.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP capabilities enable the extraction and interpretation of valuable insights from unstructured text data, revolutionizing document analysis, sentiment analysis, and client feedback processing.

Visual Noise Removal

Our powerful visual noise removal technology enhances the quality and clarity of visual data, enabling better analysis andd ecision-making in areas such as image recognition and video processing.

Way2Vat Has 6 Registered Patents