Focus on VAT\GST: Finland

March 26, 2019

Focus on VAT\GST: Finland
For two years in a row, the UN has reported that Finland is the happiest country in the world. This is based on many indexes, including economy, business and investment opportunity.

In recent years, Finland has consistently ranked among top 20 congress destinations in the world. Around 600 international business events are held annually in Finland, attended by almost 70,000 delegates.

Finland is strategically located and easy to get to. More than 200 international flights arrive daily at Helsinki-Vantaa international airport, while several other cities are also served by direct international flights.

Finland offers a variety of high quality venues – from a conference center for 10,000 people to an intimate log cabin for 20. Altogether, Finland offers 10 venues that can accommodate 1,000 to 10,000 persons, and the largest fixed meeting room has 4,400 seats.

Finland is a modern industrial economy featuring high-tech giants like Nokia, with a per capita income among the top 15 in the world. Finland joined the EU in 1995, and has the euro as its currency. Finland was the only Nordic state to join the euro system at its initiation in 1999.

The VAT\GST rates in Finland are as follows:
Standard Rate 24%
Reduced Rates 14% and 10%

Here are some handy phrases to remember whenever making a business related purchase. When in doubt, ask:

Please give me:

  • An original VAT\GST invoice
  • With my company name and address
  • VAT\GST rate and value shown

anna minulle:

  • Alkuperäinen alv-lasku
  • Yritykseni nimi ja osoite
  • arvonlisäverokanta ja esitetty arvo

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