Everything You Need in a Spend Card


The Spend Card by WAY2VAT is the only card in the world that eliminates spending bureaucracy, simplifies expense management, and automatically recovers all your VAT\GST.


Using either the dashboard or mobile app, you can set spending limits, create rules, and authorise new card holders.


Employees use the card to pay for subscriptions, travel expenses, and AP expenses using their physical or virtual Mastercard debit card and use the accompanying app to submit receipts and capture invoices.


The Spend Card is an end-to-end solution, automatically processing purchases all the way to VAT\GST refunds. After a purchase is made, the Smart Card automatically accesses WAY2VAT’s proprietary VAT\GST reclaim system. Using our existing VAT\GST reclaim technology, expenses are sorted and processed, dramatically reducing lost potential and increasing the value of the VAT\GST refund.


The Spend Card delivers a high ROI by replacing expensive EMS systems and automatically recovering VAT\GST.

Smarter Corporate Expense Management


The card is ideal for all subscription, travel, and accounts payable expenses. For subscriptions, it allows for easy month-over-month expense tracking in one place, provides clarity on the individual who is making the purchase, and puts an end to chasing invoices from all over the company.


For accounts payable expenses, the Spend Card provides hassle-free invoice management and payment. Purchasing agents can easily control and approve and payment, and the end-to-end system captures the entire transaction, from purchase VAT\GST recovery.


Corporate travellers no longer need to save receipts for reimbursement, and can easily upload their receipts into the app at the time of purchase. It allows for budget control, spending visibility, and makes it easy to access any expense invoice.


The Spend Card is a Mastercard Debit card which automatically tracks expenses, reconciles them with receipts, and uses AI tools to assure VAT\GST compliance. The system automatically prepares local VAT\GST reports and submits foreign VAT\GST reports. The refund is then deposited directly into the company’s wallet, creating a card that is partially self-funded.


The Spend Card experience includes a mobile app and dashboard, where users can track purchases, while administrators can set spending limits based on corporate policy. Our powerful, flexible rules engine allows administrators to set limits based on merchant, expense category, date, amount, and frequency, as well as deactiVAT\GSTe cards remotely.

The Tech Behind the Card

The Spend Card automatically reconciles invoices to expenses. After any purchase, the expense is attached to the invoice. Tax receipts are collected at the time of purchase, either through automated tools or using the camera on the purchaser’s WAY2VAT mobile app. Expenses are sorted and processed for refunds using our existing VAT\GST recovery tools.

WAY2VAT’s powerful, customisable rules engine enables administrators to apply spending policies to each individual’s card.

Administrators can authorise payments to specific merchants, or by expense category. They can limit use to a pre-set date range, or put a daily, weekly, monthly or total spending cap on the card.

The system uses our proprietary image recognition AI to automatically analyse receipts, and sort foreign and local expenses. It generates monthly VAT\GST reports for local authorities, and automatically submits documentation to recover VAT\GST.


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Is the The Smart Spend Debit Mastercard® a credit card?

The Smart Spend Debit Mastercard® is a Mastercard debit card. It is accepted with any vendor who takes Mastercard, provided that the purchase meets your company’s policies.

Is the Smart Spend Debit Mastercard® safe?

Yes. The money you deposit to fund the card is protected through a process called safeguarding, which is a regulatory requirement for all EMIs.

What is included with the Smart Spend Debit Mastercard®?

The Smart Spend Debit Mastercard® package includes the following:

  • Smart Spend Debit Mastercard®
  • Full access to all management tools
  • Full dashboard access
  • Automated local and foreign VAT\GST reclaim
  • Receipt and invoice management tools
  • Reporting
  • Expense and reimbursement tracking
  • Automatic reconciliation between invoices and expenses

What countries is the Smart Spend Debit Mastercard® available in?

Initial rollout will occur in the United Kingdom, Europe and with further expansion planned for Australia and North America

Does Smart Spend Debit Mastercard® replace by EMS or integrate with it?

The Smart Spend Debit Mastercard® is a standalone, end-to-end solution that replaces your EMS system.

How quickly can I get started using the card?

You will receive your card within 7 business days of enrollment. You will have access to the dashboard and control tools once your account is open.

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