Top Five Apps for Business Travelers

September 13, 2018

Top Five Apps for Business Travelers

Travel is easier than ever thanks to advances in technology that allow you to book a flight, a hotel room, and a dinner reserVAT\GSTion on your phone while you wait in line at the grocery store or relax by the pool. In today’s world, phone apps are limited by nothing other than human imagination. If someone can think of something useful to the travel experience, it’s sure to be out there on the market. And if it’s not out yet, then you can bet that it is in development somewhere.

Here is a short list of some of the most useful apps for business travelers.


Communication is the foundation of all good business, and face to face communication is far and away the most powerful and effective way to exchange ideas. Just because two people are separated by thousands of miles and several oceans does not mean that they can’t have face-to-face chats. With Skype, all you need is an Internet connection to speak to someone you can see on your own phone and who can see you on his or her phone.

Skype is the perfect tool for quick catch-up meetings when you are on a business trip and have information to share that may require input from others on the team who may not have made it on the trip. It could be an effective way to get clearance from above to move forward on a contract negotiation, or it could help you consult with an expert to make sense of a new technology outside your personal expertise. It’s more effective than a phone call and a lot more fun as well. It’s like having a built-in conference call on your phone at all times.


One thing you learn about travel pretty quickly – it’s harder to stay organized than it seems. That’s why it’s essential to have an organizer app ready to go, especially if it’s the same one you use to keep yourself on track every day. That’s what Wunderlist is all about. It’s a top-line way to keep your to-do list easily accessible while keeping your important phone numbers and background information stored in the same place.

Best of all, the app is designed for collaboration, so you can share your lists, plans, and comments with your whole team and get instant feedback when necessary. You can access it from anywhere in the world, on any device (including a phone, smart watch, and even a Kindle Fire tablet). It’s perfect for taking notes and sharing them instantly, or for getting input on your priorities for the day. Once you start to use the app, you’ll never want to stop.


Getting a taxi in a foreign country is often more challenging than we expect. There is the issue of foreign currency, which may be hard to understand. And there could be communication issues with the driver about exactly where you want him to take you. Finally, you can never be 100% sure that the driver isn’t ripping you off as a tourist who probably does not know the real costs or the best routes to your destination.

But with Uber, those concerns are handled as part of the service. You make the deal using the app in your language, fix a destination that the driver knows before he picks you up, and the costs for the trip are charged to your credit credit card so foreign currency isn’t an issue and you won’t have to worry about getting burned by the driver. When you need a ride, Uber takes the stress out of the experience.

This is the must-have app to get the best hotel deals out there. If you’re not using, you are probably paying too much for your hotel room. Or at the very least, you aren’t getting all of the options available.

In this era of widespread business travel, the success or failure of a trip could come down to some of the logistical decisions you or traveler planners make. Keeping your budget manageable means using the best resources available, and is certainly one that should be part of the planning process. It aggregates all of the best deals and lets you choose feeling fully informed about your options.


One of the easiest ways to save  money on any business trip is to recoup the VAT\GST money that’s coming to you. With WAY2VAT, the request process can be handled in a matter of seconds, and the money you get back can be significant.

WAY2VAT lets you scan in all of your business expenses quickly and easily on the spot so you never have to worry about organizing your travel receipts, which are often a mess of small and large bits of paper, often in a foreign language. The scans are designed for filing the VAT\GST return request, but the scans are also useful for tracking business expenses with more precision than ever before. It will help save money on two levels – first by making it easy to get VAT\GST returns, and second by letting your review expenses and cutting those that are least important.

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