Why your Business deserves to use a spending card?

March 23, 2022

Do you need to provide your employees with a way to allow them to make business travel trips easily or to make essential business purchases, but you don’t want to give them a credit card? A spending card could well be the answer to you.

A spending card allows your employees to make those essential purchases or to make business travel easy and hassle free, while leaving you firmly in control. If you still require your employees to complete expense claims which need processing before reimbursing employee expenses, now is the time to consider moving to a spending card. Many spending cards programmes partner with Mastercard and Visa thereby allowing the spending card to be used in over 200 countries at millions of merchant locations.

How Can a Spending Card Help my Business?

  • A spending card limits the amount an employee can spend. You decide what that limit is. At the press of a button that limit can be increased (or decreased). You can also limit the type of expenses where an employee can use the card. This gives you significant control. Moreover, it avoids any ambiguity about the amount an employee has to spend.
  • Having a spending card means that employees don’t need to use their personal cards to pay for business expenses and then recover the amount from the employer – many employees take the view that it is unfair to expect them to lay out expenses. It will also cut down the time for employees and finance functions at having to deal with expense reimbursements.
  • A spending card also avoids those unpleasant discussions about whether employees have overstepped their authority in spending.
  • When employees are overseas, if they have unexpected delays or emergency costs, you as the employer business can let them have access to funds using the spending card. Often it can be embarrassing for staff who don’t have funds or available credit limits to lay out the funds. Spending cards allow businesses to give emergency funds to employees if they are overseas.
  • A spending card allows you to track who’s spending what at any moment in time. The card also allows you to integrate reports with your accounting systems. This means that expense information can be directly integrated and uploaded onto your accounting software. Our powerful software identifies and detects VAT\GST on invoices or VAT\GST receipts allowing the VAT\GST to feed into your accounting system. This allows your business accounting function to reconcile the VAT\GST on invoices and expenses as well as providing complete transparency if the VAT\GST if required for tax authority audit purposes.
  • A spending card contains powerful tools to enable your business to analyze expenses based on a number of different criteria. These tools provide clients with data to better analyse spending and more accurately project cash flow. Further, by integrating transaction data into your accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, businesses do not need to have teams of staff involved in manual data entry. This reduces the risk of human error thereby freeing up staff time to focus on more high value tasks like financial analysis.
  • Use of a spending card helps businesses to be able to keep within budgets and to plan better for the future.
  • Businesses especially in startup phase often need to scale up quickly and will not have centralized purchasing policy. Spending cards can provide a quick and useful method for paying for items. In the Covid lockdown where many employees worked from home, it was crucial that employees were had the ability to work from home. Often this required them to purchase small items to set-up a “home office”. Spending cards provided the flexibility within a fixed budget to enable to businesses to transition to a home working environment effortlessly and seamlessly.
  • By using a spending card, businesses can easily make procurement purchases, especially when buying online or internationally. International purchases are easier and often cheaper than traditional payment methods like bank transfers. In practice, some online sellers will only accept credit cards or other electronic payment means. A spending card has all the benefits of credit cards without the potential security issues.
  • For international purchases, the foreign exchange rates used by spending cards are the Mastercard rates which are usually much better than a bank’s rate of foreign exchange. Using a spending card often allows purchases to be made faster than other payment alternatives, such as cheques and other traditional payment methods.
  • Perhaps the best reason to use The Smart Spend Debit Mastercard® is because the spending card programme can actively assist in recovering VAT\GST. Behind our spending card sits powerful software allowing VAT\GST to be identified and fed into a business’s accounting system to provide the maximum amount of VAT\GST recovery.
  • In addition,. Our software identifies overseas VAT\GST and collates the relevant information to enable us to submit overseas VAT\GST repayment claims on behalf of your business. This is a seamless process and integrates into the accounting function. This spending card actually gives you back money!

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