The Fab Five: Top Hotels for Business Travel in the UK

July 26, 2018

Business Travel is much of the time very stressful as well as tiring. Staying at a hotel that will diminish that stress and allow you to get a good night’s sleep can make all the difference in the world to not only have great meetings, but also be more productive.

We’ve surveyed some of our clients to ask their traveling executives on the best hotels to stay in different cities around the world. In this post we’ll focus on the UK.

They’ve shared their choices based on the following:

  • The availability of WIFI-Ready business centers for them to work, print documents, hold video conferences and all else they feel they need to increase their productivity and achieve success.
  • Proximity to business districts where their current and potential clients are based.
  • Executive lounges where they can unwind with great food and drink.
  • Amenities such as Full-Service laundry and Fitness centers.

Without further adieu we present the top 5 hotels to stay when company executives are doing business in the UK


66 Knightsbridge,
London, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7235 2000
VAT\GST Registration: Inquire

Just above the busy streets of Knightsbridge this hotel just keeps building on itself with amenity upon amenity. A stainless steel pool adds to the already amazing Asian spa. The pool area includes sparkling changing rooms with priVAT\GSTe showers and the latest fitness equipment.

You can relax in the sauna and steam rooms, along with mini pools equipped with hydrotherapy jets, allowing you to get away from thoughts of the busy day that lies ahead or the one that just passed. On top of this, you can book massages ahead of time.

The hotel offers special treatment for women such as facial massages given with all-natural ingredients. Special massages for pregnant women are offered, with special ergonomic pillows to ease the shoulder tension.

Yoga mats are available in the bedrooms for a great morning or pre-sleep stretch, allowing you to unwind and sleep restfully.

Andaz London

40 Liverpool Street
London, United Kingdom,
Telephone: +44 207 961 1234
VAT\GST Registration: 863 4759 86

If you’re keen on location and proximity to business meetings, then this hotel is optimally situated for just that. Located in the heart of London’s business and financial district, as well near the Shoreditch nightlife, this five star hotel is housed within a red-brick Victorian, making you feel at home away from home.

The modern amenities you’ll discover along with the hotel’s historical charm is exemplified by its Grand Ballroom, a spectacular space that was constructed at the turn of the 20th century.

There are eight venues to hold events within the hotel and with multiple restaurants and bars on site, there is no shortage of places to dine and celebrate that new deal.


150 Piccadilly
London. United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7493 8181
VAT\GST Registration: 773 8638 79

When a traveller thinks of the Ritz, they think of luxurious splendor, a place frozen in time. However, the Ritz brand is always changing. The key to the Ritz Carlton’s success is to make you realize the changes only when you are in the right mindset to notice.

Over the past decade, some of the changes made at the Ritz Piccadilly in particular have been nearly impossible to not notice. The length of the building which runs between the streets of Arlington and Green Park remains unchanged for the most part and run parallel to the Long Gallery, comprised of public spaces. At times, you’ll feel as if you’re stuck in time.

The service is top notch with all the waiters and bellhops eager to serve your every request. The latest dramatic change at the Ritz is something guests are supposed to notice. The majestic and brilliant spas with world class treatments are housed in oversized rooms with towering ceilings and outside the windows, you’ll be treated to astounding views of the bustling city below.

You’ll be sure to feel the charm of this hotel. Adding to this is one of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world.

The suites are quite stunning, decorated impeccably and include the types of aromas that will put you in the right mood at the end of a hectic day. Time to unwind.

Great John Street Hotel

Great John Street
Manchester, United Kingdom
M3 4FD
Telephone: 0161 831 3211
VAT\GST Registration: Inquire


You can’t write a post about the hotels in the UK without mentioning those accommodating gems in Manchester.

This hotel was originally a Victorian-style school that was converted. You can get a subliminal sense of the schoolhouse charm with its huge rooms and towering ceilings.

The oversized windows and wooden floors give you a sense of a London Loft meeting an English House in the Countryside. Over a decade old, it is showing signs around the edges, but not to worry. You will be lapped in luxury from the moment you enter.

We can’t not mention the roof terrace which boasts stunning views over Granada studios. The location is situated in a quiet nook but a stone’s throw away from the lively part of town.

The Lanesborough – Hyde Park Corner

The Lanesborough, Hyde Park Corner
London, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 20 7259 5599
VAT\GST Registration: Inquire

Details. Pay attention to the details. They say that God is in the details, and that is very true for this accommodating gem at Hyde Park Corner.

If you are a modernist, minimalist or appreciator of things that are sleek and modern, skip this one. This hotel is the embodiment of Regency splendor. After the last renoVAT\GSTion it reopened more splendid than ever. Upon your arrival, you are handed over like an Olympic baton in a relay race from your Chauffeured Rolls Royce to your doorman to your very own personal butler. You can’t help but notice the chandeliers, the endless array of marble slabs and the seams of gold leaf.

Celebrate your latest deal at the Library bar or on the cigar terrace. You’ll be treated like a king your entire stay, getting you relaxed and prepared for your next flight, meeting our night’s sleep.

A quick note on VAT\GST:
You must pay for hotels in the UK as well as all of Europe locally to gain the benefits for VAT\GST refunds.. Download our
guide on VAT\GST redemption in the UK and other European countries.

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