Business Travel: Seven Super Essential Tips to Lessen the Stress

June 28, 2018

Your business trip itinerary for next month is daunting! The stress of packing for the different climates, arranging all your own accomodations at your company’s request within budget are just a few of the things that are stressing you out. But it doesn’t need to be.

In this post, we’ll provide you with 7 great tips you should consider when preparing for your business travel.

Become the Master of your Own Mental State
The stress that comes with business travel, is a lot of times caused by happenings out of your control. The delays, the crowds, waiting in line for security check ins can all add to the stress you are already feeling.

Even before you get onto the plane, you sometimes don’t know how to deal. Time to think good thoughts, listen to music that calms you or brings you good memories from a great time in your life.

If you can, when waiting in line that doesn’t seem to be moving, sit on your luggage and close your eyes. The music is sure to shut out some of the constant noise associated with travel, especially in foreign airports where you are surrounded by people speaking and sometimes yelling in foreign languages you don’t understand. Take deep breaths and meditate to the music, perhaps do some writing.


Pack Snacks
Make sure you pack some snacks that give you some energy to deal with travel. Trail mix, energy bars, dried fruit,fresh grapes. Being hungry can just add to a stressful airport experience.

Pack snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated, don’t expire, melt, or spill that are packaged well and don’t end up all over your bag. The last thing you need is for anything to spill on those nice new wrinkle-free dress shirts you packed for the trip. And. More stress:)


Go VAT\GST Ready
As a traveling businessman or woman, you’ll incur both minor and significant expenses in a variety of different areas in perhaps a few different countries. Say, in the EU for example. You and all the other travelers at your company have received several lectures (and loads of emails) about collecting receipts for all your expenses.

Since rules and regulations vary from country to country and sometimes even within different areas within a specific country, it is best to collect everything and to organize it in separate folders. Things such as receipts for accomodations, food, laundry, WIFI, phone bills, car rental, seminars and more. Download this handy guide with foreign phrases, so you know what to ask for when making a purchase of goods or services in various countries.

In order to be eligible for VAT\GST reclaim for hotels and other accommodations, know that booking and payment needs to be done within the host country and payment needs to be made at the physical location of your stay.

Prepare for Unexpected Situations
By now, as a seasoned business traveler, you know that there are delays, even cancellations when you need to stay in a foreign city you’ve never been to overnight. You want to be as comfortable and prepared as possible, even when in unfamiliar surroundings.

Make sure you have your netflix app fees paid for and ready to use for entertainment. Make sure your phone plan is set up so not to incur roaming charges and make certain you have enough GB on your plan for places where you can’t get WIFI.

Pack Light
Every few trips or so you might want to consider totally emptying your carry on or laptop bag and take out the things that you don’t need, like those scattered AAA batteries, flattened power bars, outdated gadgets you have replaced and so on. This all adds weight.

Take a look at your upcoming business trip as something new and exciting and get rid of all the clutter. It’ll unclutter your luggage and your mind. You want to start each business trip fresh.

You want to stay fit, alert on business trips. Find out if where you’re staying has a fitness room, yoga classes or just pack a pair of your favorite running shoes to run in the area of your hotel. A healthy body will help you keep a healthy mind.

See yourself having a brew after a meeting in London at Elephant House, home of the first writing of Harry Potter to wrap up your day! Or anywhere else you plan on going.


Hope you enjoyed these seven tips. Come visit again for everything and anything regarding business travel. Contact Us for more information.

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